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loulou2023 (@loulou2023)

Anyone had 2 lobectomies, years apart?

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I guess I have a unusual situation lol

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Hi loulou, I had an upper left lobe removed in 2020 due to a nodule that started growing and there was also another one that came up. I didn’t have a long remission and in 2022 I had a new nodule that had cancer in it. They had hoped to do a second lobectomy but the tests they did indicate I can’t have another one because I’m an older person and my lungs have regressed from years of wear but I was given another treatment to remove the nodule with minimal loss of lung tissue. I know you were looking for someone who also had a double lobectomy and I had one and a partial removal but I would have had the same as you if I could, I felt better about having a lobectomy because you know they pretty much got everything and the other method is not as complete. I envy the long remission you had, it gives you more time to rebuild your strength. I hope you recover nicely and fast, here’s praying for better days, months and years ahead amen