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Rose - My AN was about the same size as yours and I had hydrocephalus also. Did you get a shunt for that? I got a VP shunt a week or so before they removed my tumor. Then, I had a 7 hour surgery to remove the tumor. I was very lucky that they were able to remove the whole tumor without leaving any behind. However, I do still have the shunt for life.

I was also very lucky not to be left with serious deficits besides the loss of hearing in my right ear. My surgeries were a little more than 14 years ago, and I am doing great. Very grateful to my skillful surgeons.

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hey Cynaburst. I had a shunt a minute before my surgery. Than it was out for 12 hours. I have 2% of the tumor on my brain stem, and i get an MRI every year to be sure it has'nt grown. If it does I have to get spot radiation.I have no hearing on my left side due to the tumor and I have imbalance issues. Its not dizzyness, its like my head is floating all the time and noise is now amplified. Wind and rain, barometer changes cause issues for me.

Hey CynaBurst:
I also had Hydrocephalus.And had a shunt in my head until after my surgery. My surgeon removed it before I left the hospital. I have 2 percent of the tumor still on my brain stem. I get yearly MRI to see if its growing...Every surgeon is different, as every tumor is different. Some days are a challenge. Others a Blessing...Hope all is well in your life...