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Thank you for sharing your experience with the group here on Connect, @rosesareredmylove2016. That is quite the journey and I'm glad you're here to tell us about it!

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HiTracy:<br />
I was diagnosed with this same tumor in 2014 after going to my Doctor with an ear ache. My surgeons scraped on my nerves for 12 hours to remove 98%, I still have 2% on my brain stem due to them NOT anting to damage my nerves. Its been 2 years since my surgery and I have imbalance and eye issues. My nuerosurgeon says I will always have these issues, But he also says it could get better once my nerves re-generate. Theres always the possibility it could get worse. I am praying for better, not worse as this surgery effected every part of my life as is.<br />

Hi Colleen:
Thank You, and I am happy I found this group. It helps me to know I'm not alone in this journey after my surgery. I have GREAT neurosurgeons, and they did an amazing job. I am very thankful every day for all the good things in my life.It has been an amazing journey and I am thankful I am here to tell about it.

Hey Colleen: Yes its been an experience. And I'm happy to be here...Everyday now is different..Some days can be a challenge,..

Hey Colleen: I had my yearly MRI in August 2016, my Ent compared the one from 2014 just after my surgery only because she could not read the one I'd had in North Carolina . And she found part if the 2 percent my neurosurgeon left on my brain stem has grown. If it gets bigger, she tells me I will get spot radiation to shrink it. Any patients on the site that have had radiation to shrink theirs. Thank you

Thank You Colleen:
Every day is different it seems, and I guess thats a normal feeling after having Brain Surgery?? I don't know, I ask my doctors, and they just Nod there heads when I ask those kind of questions. I am back in PT for my balance. Nothing serious wrong, I have ear issues due to what the Doc says is STREP, but more bacterial, attacked my Immune system, Uggg. I also have GRAVES disease, diagnosed with it in 2000. I have a VERY high pain tolerance, usually don;t feel pain until its bad.,.