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Hello- looking for info as well about acoustic neuroma. I have MS and get an yearly MRI. The found it last year but did not inform me it was 3mm. This year it is 4-6mm. I am in the information gathering stage. Thank you

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Hi ljanes:
I had no idea what an acoustic neuroma was until I learned I had one. Mine was in my inner ear left side. It was 3.5 centimeters when they found it. My neurosurgeon said it probably had been growing for a number of years.I had inner ear aches for about 8 years and was given antibiotics for those. I had no imbalance issues, no headaches, no eye issues that are normally found with this type of tumor. And the chance of anyone getting one of these is like 1 in 100.000. So Yes I was shocked when I was told I had one growing in my brain. Yours is obviously getting bigger. Do you have balance issues, or headaches from this? Mine was getting so big, it was closing off the drainage to my spinal column and causing hydrocephalus, so that was another issue I needed to be careful of and watch for signs before my surgery date.I wish you well and I hope you find good surgeons as I did to remove yours.

What are the eye issues as I am having weird lights in the morning when my eyes are closed. See a neuro eye doctor after cat scan

Jjanes I waited 4 1/2 years before deciding to do something to get rid of my acoustic neuroma. Don’t wait. That’s my advice to anyone first diagnosed. These cause so much damage to our bodies than hearing loss. Depression anxiety from isolation when you’re in a noisy situation and you can’t hear the people that are next to your good ear with a hearing aid. The loss of hearing sometimes is both ears. Insurance companies don’t help. They make it difficult to get a cochlear nerve implant. You have to have less than 50% hearing all the time to get an implant. If it wasn’t for my doctor doing a Peer to Peer I wouldn’t have gotten one and I was at 45% most of the time. I was denied at first then he appealed with a peer to peer. They approved it. Thank you Dr Carlson!!! These Doctors care about their patients! I know first hand that there is unbelievable things happening at Mayo Clinic. Don’t be complacent to stay in your area. Collect everything you all ready have call Mayo get a patient number write them a number and tell them you want doctor Matthew Carlson to take a look at everything. Tell him you want to preserve your hearing. Get rid of the tumor. If he isn’t the doctor to do this he will send you to the guy that is the right one.

Liz from Illinois without an acoustic neuroma now