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Conflicting Recommendations - Hip Replacement

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I too am 56 and have had both hips replaced. Definitely if it was from inside joint you'd have some groin pain. I'm puzzled why you don't with a labral tear.
But please research trochanteric pain syndrome often misdiagnosed as bursitis which is why none of those things helped you. Find the best possible Ortho who can do the best possible MRI that exists(there are different types) so you can rule out a torn or chronic degeneration of abductor muscles. These are the two smallest butt muscles on outside of hip. I have this condition and in Jan had a TENEX procedure which fixed my torn gluteus minimus tendon and removed scar tissue from both those muscle tendons. I'd recommend that procedure first if not having groin pain. Sounds like, unfortunately, in future you will have to have hip replacement but put it off as long as can. Find the best physical therapist also. They must be able to do stretching for you and fascia release. Not just make you do exercises. The piriformis muscle in butt and the major butt muscle, plus the Iliopsoas muscle are getting stressed with a torn labrum. These muscles must get individual attention diligently and get stronger before a hip replacement or you will be in worse shape! I know from experience!! I had arthroscopic labral repair before hip replacement. Maybe if get outside muscles better, you can have arthroscopic repair of labrum and put off hip replacement even longer. The key is to unlock all the compensating muscles! It's extremely hard to find the therapist who knows how or cares to take time to. You must research all this and learn as much as possible because surgery can make you worse if not ready!!
Best wishes..God Bless you!

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Also, the thigh pain above your knee means the rectus femoris muscle is overworked and sounds like your tensor fascia lata on outside thigh is tightening up. These are also compensation type muscle pains that must be worked on.