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My experience is much the same as booklover71. I found out by accident, freaked out, educated myself, and decided to make the changes needed to live my life.

I wanted more data to know whether my ascending aortic aneurysm was stable or growing, so I've had a CT with contrast dye and an echocardiogram every 6 months for the past year and a half. Seeing stability in the data has helped me stay calm. I check my BP for 5 days each month. My cardiologist added a beta blocker to my BP medication as a dual strategy to lower the pressure of blood flow. I wear a medical alert bracelet and now have a "wardrobe" of bracelets to go with different outfits 😁. See laurenshope.com

I've lifted weights all my adult life and tended to lift and haul stuff all the time. That has been the biggest change for me. I miss doing weight training and I don't like needing to ask for help, but better that than a dissection hoisting my carryon suitcase into the overhead bin.

Hang in there. This is a process of change and acceptance. Knowing it is there means we are much less likely to die from a sudden dissection.

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Thank you for sharing the website. I need something pretty and the bracelets etc sure fo fit the bill.

Thank you Mermaid1. Your reply was wonderful. The ID bracelet idea and ct with contrast and echocardiogram sound like a good plan. I’m hoping to get my first one very soon as I only know I have ann aneurysm but no details ( hence more anxiety since I feel some pressure and burning in my neck and back…) and don’t have an appt with a cardiologist that deals with the aorta yet. Are you being followed at the Mayo Clinic? I live in Hawaii and if I don’t think the care ( based on fact we only have 1 million folks in the state and this isn’t all that common) is cutting edge or at least highest standard of care, I will be flying out to Minnesota. My husband’s family lives 30 miles from Rochester. Thank you again… ordering bracelets ( and maybe a necklace!) and asking for the CT scan and echocardiogram every 6 months… 🌺Much Aloha 🌺