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Conflicting Recommendations - Hip Replacement

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@jennsb I would probably get a third opinion at this point, but first I would search for the best possible orthopedic surgeon I could find. How? First, ask the PT whose patients have the best results. Then start asking friends, family, coworkers, anyone at the gym or golf course...what you will find is that pretty soon the same name crops up twice, three times...
Then it is time for a third opinion - with that doctor.
That is how I found a new ortho when I needed to change 12 years ago - and I still see him today!

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I agree. But I would add that there are three different major approaches to THR: Posterior, Anterior and Superpath. Surgeons tend to do one only as they get comfortable with the approach. Outcomes are pretty similar but pain control, time to recover, etc. are different.

The oldest approach is Posterior and I would not go to a surgeon who still used this as his principal method.

Direct Anterior was developed as a better approach with less invasive surgery. It is definitely an improvement on Posterior.

Superpath was developed as an improvement to Anterior. I just had my left hip replaced by the surgeon who developed Superpath (Jimmy Chow). He operated on me in the outpatient facility in the morning and I was home by mid afternoon. My instructions were to take oxycodone the first night and then until I didn't need it; Celebrex for pain; and extra strength tylenol for fever. I took the first oxy pill and then no more. After four days I asked my doctor's PA if I could stop taking the Celebrex and Tylenol and she said yes. Essentially, I have had no meaningful pain from the implant.

I also had pain below my knee which my internist thought was probably bursitis. Dr. Chow, my surgeon, who also does knees, said the x-ray was fine. Interestingly, to me, since my implant my knew is barely hurting and my hip is not hurting at all. My surgeon said that while his approach doesn't cut muscles, ligaments, etc., he can't make bones grow faster so his instructions were to try to be a couch potato for the first six weeks. So I reluctantly did and during the seventh week I went back to playing golf.

Bottom line: pick a surgeon who at least does anterior if not superpath and one who has done lots of the operations. I would focus on surgical skill, not bedside manor, for this process.