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Good luck with your upcoming appt!
As for Synthroid…. It is hard to get regulated. The side effects are similar to other issues so it’s hard to know if it’s the Synthroid, the thyroid, a vitamin deficiency, age, or some other cause.
I am currently with a new endocrinologist who is looking into lowering the dose I had….. unfortunately as I tapered down, I started having issues ( leg cramps, burning mouth, pins and needles, headaches, etc. ) I have to wait and see if things level off before jumping to conclusions on the lower dose. I am going to start researching the other options for medications so I don’t know about the more natural medications…. My cardiologist recently asked me if I had considered trying them.
The way I see it, you have to due diligence and make the best decisions for yourself. I like reading the feedback from people to see if it is something that might help me, however reading the research and gathering info is helpful to make decisions that will hopefully help you..
Good luck!

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Thanks for writing, Koh. From what little I've read, most conventional endocrinologists don't like dessicated thyroid meds, so it's interesting that your cardiologist asked about them. I shouldn't assume I'll have problems before I even begin treatment. I am definitely doing a lot of research and trying to educate myself so I can ask all the right questions.