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Mild kidney damage/stage 3a

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In total agreement with the above comment. I had a kidney transplant one and half years ago, I was able to delay my transplant till age of 73 by incorporating a plant based diet along with fish protein. Plant based diet in my own opinion helped me overall. I had tailspin due to the fact that I experience toxemia eclampsia in my younger years and also was breast cancer survivor. Check into a plant based diet with a kidney dietician. Even if you don't totally eliminated animal protein, if you cut down significantly this may lower your creatinine numbers. I have incorporated the use of tofu cooking meals. IT' all how you season tofu and incorporate it into different recipes. Library has load of recipe books using Tofu/ My favorite is used in stirfrys and to make delicious chicken salad. Season is the key again. In my situation. IT was my mind telling me I craved animal protein not my body. I am ever so glad I turned the corner delaying my kidney transplant for years using plant based diet. The craving was gone for meat. My doctor wa very happy.

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I was only diagnosed 9 months ago with 3a ckd but looking back at prior labs I found my eGFR was down into high 40’s and Dr. never said a word, so probably has been actually years. At any rate I too adopted a plant based diet over the last 9 months and my eGFR has increased to 67. I realize I need to watch trends but this is encouraging. My BP was borderline high and is now w/in limits as well. I allow one day a week to eat as I please which I think helps me. Lots of good recipes online. The thing I find difficult is eating small protein portions throughout the day rather than bigger ones as meals. I get tired of thinking about food all day!! Need to lose weight and focused on food all day makes that a challenge.