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Newly Diagnosed with AFib

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I agree Eliquis is the least “fussy”. I have AFIB and been on Eliquis for 3 years and no issues. I carry Aspirin in my pocket all the time to take immediately on the onset of an episode because that is what paramedics gave me twice when I called emergency. Even though I have had only 4 episodes in 3 years the constant worry and afraid to exercise was bad for health. Had Cryoablation one week ago and back to normal life. No pain, no discomfort no issues anywhere at all. Absolutely superb, one in a million Electrophysiologist Dr. Archana Ramireddy at Ceders-Sanai.

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@sid1 that’s wonderful! I’m glad you were able to get the procedure done and are feeling well.

For me, I’ve haven’t had an episode of A-fib for almost 2 years. I recently got permission from my cardiologist to replace the Eliquis with 1 full strength aspirin a day. Of course, if my heart acts up again, I will have to restart the Eliquis.
I wear an Apple Watch. It has the ability to record EKGs. It also warns me if my rate is too slow. It’s a great “tool”.

Best of luck. Praying for your continued success.