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Complaining Because I am PO'd

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@mayonina82 — I have heard all electronics should be at least 6 feet away while sleeping. I'm curious about how your tinnitus first started or was it a mystery from the start? Mine started instantly from a shattered eardrum, but why it has become louder in the past 10 years is a mystery. My neurologist told me it tends to get louder over time.

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Electro magnetic fields are dangerous to health but it is almost impossible to remove those fields unless one has relocated to a place that has no electricity and internet. There are some studies that attempt to refute this but considering that the funds to do the studies are from power companies and the rest of the profiteers I don't give them any attention. At one point I turned off my internet at night as it was just underneath my bed one floor below. I think I should go back to doing that but of course the issue is that all my internet based alarm system also goes down. As far as my tinnitus, I think it started because I went to dances as a teenager where the music was cranked up . It got worse this past year when I started to use an electric leaf blower without hearing protection. For some reason I wasn't aware of how loud it was. I also think that using a vacuum cleaner daily contributed to the issue. I have always had some balance and dizziness issues, (cannot do amusement park rides, etc.) so I think this is all connected to some genetic defect. If your neurologist told you that "time" is the factor that causes it to increase I would also guess that as age advances the circulatory system is not efficient so if there is repair for the problem dependent upon blood supply, maybe that is the root cause. I can't do anything now in any kind of noisy environment without ear plugs and muffs. The other day I was at a gas station and the delivery truck was backing up repeatedly to get into the right position. The beep, beep, beep, beep was loud. I couldn't get out to pump until I had put on my double layer of protection.