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Complaining Because I am PO'd

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Tinnitus is at epidemic levels — and so is electromagnetic — oh, damn, I'm going to have to get off. So quickly — please, please consider the effects of wifi overload.

It took me two years to find out and heal from tinnitus so terrible I considered checking out. But as soon as I put my cell phone far away and turned off all electricity before bed, computer off as well, the tinnitus began to recede and my 50 years of insomnia turned into deep sleep of many hours.

The communications industry really doesn't want you to know about the godawful effects of
electromagnetic overload. But there are many studies. Please, folks, consider this and experiment with it!

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@mayonina82 — I have heard all electronics should be at least 6 feet away while sleeping. I'm curious about how your tinnitus first started or was it a mystery from the start? Mine started instantly from a shattered eardrum, but why it has become louder in the past 10 years is a mystery. My neurologist told me it tends to get louder over time.

It's more likely the tinnitus decreased because you were sleeping better and eliminating postural stress.

I agree 100%. Too much money has been invested to turn back for something so trivial as public health!
Isn't it interesting that we are now forced to accept these fields. I told the power company I didn't want their smart meter but they installed it anyway. I would prefer to hard wire my computer but there are no receptacles in my office space. Even supposed landline phones are not landline, so what's the point of adding one. We are already using mobile phones close to our heads and strapped to our bodies so why add another radiation source? Is there a point to all this electro magnetic carcinogenic stuff that we favor because it supposedly has improved our lives? Like those girls who painted the radium dials of clocks and watches who had no idea they were killing themselves we are also unaware of how much danger we are in.