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Complaining Because I am PO'd

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You have certainly been through the wringer! I have MCTD, and my best advice is to get PT from a manual style person. Yoga/isometrics/pilates have done wonders to relax, loosen and strengthen muscles around degenerating joints, some of which slip out of place. I've tried the shots, but in comparison to the movements I've learned, the movement wins. Meds and the shots work in combination with activity, but alone never do the job. Like you, I have ice/heat packs, lidocaine patches, KT tape (you tube directions) to rest areas, CBD ointment, biofreeze, magnesium spray and it gets even more peculiar from there. The best bed for me is a spring type, with a 3lb density, 3" thick. You might check into MRI side effects; the only one I had really was trying to adjust my breathing to the drum beats of the machine, and they can give you valium. I was there after concussion.

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In a way it is is almost amusing to note how many "pain relief" items we have to keep in our armament! I also have the lidocaine, and CBD drops. I made the mag spray and also highly recommend DMSO. Some people can't get over the taste that they get when DMSO enters the bloodstream. Lately I haven't tasted it and I don't know why. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I have an adjustable foam bed which is good . I don't know what a manual style person is. I did try PT once but it did nothing for me that I wasn't able to do on my own. He had me pedaling a bike for far too long and I came out of that session worse than I was when I went in and had to recover for days. Nope. I guess I would have to find the right person but don't know how. I am OK with MRI's. Just can't endure the noise and the possibility of making tinnitus worse.