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Prostate Cancer

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In July of 2011 my PSA was over 25,000 (you read that right), I was jaundiced, My liver was failing, my kidneys were failing (you can read my detailed story on my Hope Digest Facebook page). I went to my local MN hospital and they didn’t have a clue. I called The Mayo Clinic and they told me to send my medical records to Dr. Eugene Kwon in the urology department. When I saw Dr. Kwon and his team for the first time they weren’t sure I would make it to my 2nd appointment BUT their attitude was if there was a way they would find it. They started me on Lupron and I had a double nephrostomy. 8 weeks later my PSA was down to 103. 2 major surgeries and 4 month regimen of chemo got my PSA to 0 and all of the cancer gone. Now I am 3 years removed from my last surgery my PSA remains undetectable. I have 2 PET scans every 6 months including the C-11 Choline PET scan (which Dr. Kwon was instrumental in developing, is the best scan available to detect prostate cancer early AND is currently the only place in the US you can get it is Mayo Clinic Rochester). I am cancer free today, on no meds, am working full time and can do anything with no restrictions because of Dr. Kwon & The Mayo Clinic!!!! No one else thought I had a chance.

So my advice to you is if possible get in to see Dr. Kwon (Urology Dept., Mayo Clinic Rochester). Tell him Paul Dickie sent you if you have trouble getting in. IMHO and that of many others that I have met in the 5+ years I have been getting treated by Dr. Kwon, he is the smartest man on the planet when it comes to prostate cancer.

If you want detailed information from me regarding my experience you can private message me on the page I mentioned earlier in this post. All my best to all of you!!! Keep up a POSITIVE Attitude, Surround yourself with supportive, positive praying people, plan your future (what are you going to do when its over), get great doctoring and develop a close personal relationship with Jesus. Those are my tips to almost guarantee success. Keep in touch.

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Hi thank you for your email. I have prostate cancer and it spread thru out my body. My psa is 253.They started me on hormone treatments. I go to the VA Hospital because I have no health insurance. They are not giving me much hope.