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I was just at njh and they stopped rifampin due to muscle pains and replaced it with clofazimine. If you read the side effects you don’t want to take it. Has anyone had serious side effects. What about the skin color changing. Any info would help. Miriam

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Miriam, I took Clofazimine by itself as part of a clinical trial. It was 200 mg a day for 4 months and then 100 mg a day for 2 months. This is a higher dose than is used in combination with other meds, as they are planning for you.

My skin took on a slight bronzing appearance, as though I had been in the sun. It did become very dry, and I had to constantly moisturize.

I took very good probiotics and a high quality colostrum powder every morning and took the Clofazimine with supper each night. I never had nausea or frank diarrhea, although my stools wer not quite as firm as usual, and I did have more frequent bowel movements.

It can lower your potassium levels, so you need to up them with your diet.

I have been off of the Clofazimine for 2 months, and my skin discoloration is slowly and almost imperceptibly returning to normal. I have been on a three times a week regimin since then of Ethambutol and Azithromycin, taking them all at the same time right before bed, as my doctor suggested. I have not had any stomach issues.

Studies show that, when Clofazimine is combined with other drugs, it is very effective and can even reduce the duration of treatment. It has to do with it facilitating entry of the other meds into the cell wall. Don’t be afraid of it. I don’t think you will be taking the high dose I was on. My doctor told me that it is remarkably well tolerated.