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Complaining Because I am PO'd

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Apr 15, 2023 | Replies (33)

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Go ahead and complain. I don't blame you. I have some of that too . I was in a car accident when I was 3 yrs (fractured skull and neck issues), and I am still seeing pain management.. I feel like you do sometimes, like the sickness and surgery never end. My wife is the one being treated for breast cancer, but we're very close, so I feel her pain too. We keep saying this will be the year we stay out of the hospital, and it hasn't happened yet. This year the doctor messed up her breast rebuild, and then lied to us about it (she's just 4 years younger than you), and I was diagnosed with type 2 Narcolepsy. The symptoms are way worse than I knew.

I'm sure I'll be thinking in Jan 2024 that this will be the year. Believe it or not I'm not losing hope.

Keep hope alive @krisjb1.

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Isn't it something that we keep trying, against all odds it often seems?
It also goes to show that medicine has not been able to cope with all the issues that we present. Sometimes they mess up and take no responsibility. Sometimes they act like they know more than than do. As long as I can I will make efforts to avoid putting myself through the medical merry go round, but sometimes it can't be avoided. I hope you and your wife can heal enough to enjoy your lives and forget about the pain sometimes at least.

Wow @timbrownfl you have a lot going to too besides helping your wife. Rough to be in a serious accident so young. The narcolepsy sounds scary. Sorry about the medical error on your wife. I feel like my recurrent breast cancer was medical error like spreading cells with the scalpel. They said it was a recurrent tumor not a new one, but now 3x as aggressive. And then the next surgeon left a positive margin when removing the recurrent cancer. She only needed to take 2 cm more to be safe. Why cut it so close? She said, no more surgery, just let radiation take care of it. Are you sure? Then there was a radiation treatment oops. Really? I wonder if any of those mistakes will be what costs me my life. When they removed my brother's esophagus, they accidentally cut his vocal chords. Oops. He was consultant and now he could only whisper. Medicine is not an exact science and doctors aren't perfect, but at least own up to your mistakes. We definitely need to be our own advocates.

All that being said, we deal with what comes our way and live our best life in between medical issues and obligations. Medical stuff does feel like a full time job at times. I'm still here and enjoy my days. I hope we all see better and better days.