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Complaining Because I am PO'd

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Apr 15, 2023 | Replies (33)

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@krisjb1 -- sorry to hear you have been blasted with medical issues your whole life. I, and a lot of people on these message boards, also have been. You are correct that when people can't see what you're feeling, it's even more frustrating. I empathize with you.

After reading your story, the only advice I can offer is about the brain MRI. I have had terrible tinnitus since I was 11 and shattered my eardrum. I'm 64 now and it's louder than ever in one ear, but feels like my whole head. I have had several brain MRIs over the years and none of them impacted my tinnitus. You do want to put in tight foam earplugs that they should supply because the banging in the machine is very loud and will bug you for a couple days if no earplugs. Like after you go to a overly loud concert. Wear ear plugs they supply to be safe, you'll be fine and will protect your hearing. Some places even provide headphones with music.

MRI tips. Not sure if you've ever had an MRI. Some people are claustrophobic in the tube. I don't love it, but I don't take an sedatives either. Mind over matter. The secret is to close your eyes before you go in and never open them once until you come out. Don't even peek. Then you won't get that closed in feeling. I've probably had a dozen MRIs. It works. Hope you get some relief soon.

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I am claustrophobic. They sedated me and it helped me get through it. Great big ball players won’t do those. I’ve been told that docs don’t use MRI’S much any more. My suggestion is to try another pain management doc and ask if they can use a CT scan. I just had one . In and out.

Tinnitus is at epidemic levels -- and so is electromagnetic -- oh, damn, I'm going to have to get off. So quickly -- please, please consider the effects of wifi overload.

It took me two years to find out and heal from tinnitus so terrible I considered checking out. But as soon as I put my cell phone far away and turned off all electricity before bed, computer off as well, the tinnitus began to recede and my 50 years of insomnia turned into deep sleep of many hours.

The communications industry really doesn't want you to know about the godawful effects of
electromagnetic overload. But there are many studies. Please, folks, consider this and experiment with it!