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tymayo (@tymayo)

Scared, scarred, and alone

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Tymayo, I am so sorry you have dealt with this for so long. I was very lucky and mine was discovered early, I had a partial radical vulvectomy, and honestly can hardly tell a difference except that irritating lump is gone that I had written off as a scar being inflamed. My Gyno's NP ordered the biopsy and within days I was sitting in the oncologist's exam room. Everyone I dealt with has been caring, professional and understanding. I wish you could get that kind of care.

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@sillywabbit I am so relieved and glad to hear that your initial surgery experience has been so positive. While I was traumatized by mine, that is on me. The takeaway I hope others have is don't be traumatized and don't neglect follow-up care and regular checkups. I did not and it came back with a vengeance. That and circumstances (fear of COVID, etc) led to it increasing to a size that is now spread down my left thigh and left me virtually bed-bound. Don't be me.