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Hi Sue,
My name is Jason Kraus. I had a metal on metal hip replacement nine years ago. Was a problem from the start, mostly pain in the joint. Fast forward almost a decade later my issues are dramatically worse, vision, tinnitus, clicking in my throat, dehydration, horrific headaches, brain fog, digestion, it goes on and on. I would love to talk with you as currently I am struggling to find help. I also came back with high iron and ferritin levels a few months ago out of the blue. I need as much information as possible. Please, please, please. Sincerely Jason

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Hi @jasonakraus, welcome. You'll notice that I removed your personal email address. Connect is a public forum. We recommend sharing personal contact information using the secure private message function. I might also add that by sharing here in the forum, you are connecting with several people where all can benefit from group support.

Hmm…nine years ago very few metal on metal implants were being used. Do you know which ones you have? Your original surgeon should be able to tell you.

The metals you need to be concerned about are chromium and cobalt. Have you been tested for these?

Jason: Another source of information is: Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Metal on Metal Hip & Tribocorrosion Evaluation & Treatment. Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care, 55 Fruit Street, Boston, MA 02114. 617 643 7436 http://www.massgeneral.org