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Hi I'm not in Florida and I'm not familure with the area, But I do know the Mayo in Phoenix does have services onsite. So an option might be to check with the Chaplin Service at that location. By the way I like your handle beatitudes @beatitudes, is it based on Matthew 5 by chance?
Here is a link to a prior post about Religious Services at Florida
I Hope your time at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville goes well.
God Bless you

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Thank you. I did see the other post. I will be there on a Tuesday and Mass isn't offered that day at the hospital :(. I did call Spiritual Services at the hospital and they helped me to locate a church, in this case a historic minor Basicilla that offered a mass between my appointments. I have to fast the first part of the day and my 1st appointment is very early. I'm working on logistics. I'm nervous about getting lost and being late.

I am accustomed to attending daily mass. When I was inpatient at another hospital I was blessed to be cared for by a very special priest. He actually celebrated Mass in my hospital room. It made a huge difference and eliminated all my anxiety. Even in pain I was joyful and able to joke with the staff.

Yes, the user name is from Matthew 5 but it is also part of my promises in my vocation.