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Recurrence in Liver after Whipple

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Hi kim1965

A lot has gone on since my last post. My tumor is stage 2, well differentiated with the largest one a size of 2.5cm. Apparently there are too many liver lesions to operate. My care team has recommended to use Lanreotide injections with regular scans. I had the first injection 2 weeks ago with no side effects. They do not recommend PRRT or Immuno for now due to side effects and recommend to wait and monitor effect of Lanreotide. What was the reason why your wife's team decided to apply a combined treatment?

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Thanks for responding. I don’t remember your first post, if your diagnosis includes NET in both liver and Pancreas. In our case, with liver lesions too numerous to address, the combined chemo (pills)CAP/TEM was suggested to hit it hard for 3 months and retest. The results were great that 50% reduction in both areas in the tumor and lesions on liver. It was decided to continue until the chemo stopped being effective. We went 9 cycles, then with almost 80% reduction surgery was done, and they got good results. My suggestion to you is to ask your cancer team why not fight it hard now with chemo/Lanreotide and knock it down while it is only grade 2? Let me know if you have any other questions, we all are on the same team.