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Kind of confused. What could they possibly do? I went to the emergency room way way back a few months after I got sick and all they did was read my CT scans I wonder what the hell is wrong with me that caused every organ to be inflamed and told me to find a doctor. If I’m suffering too much and go to the ER I have learned that I should never do that because I have been called a drug seeker because I am already on pain medication but I refuse to abuse my pain medication so I will not take more because I will run out early and I will be screwed. The only way an emergency room will help me is if I don’t tell them anything about my CRPS or my pain medication And I’m not one who likes to lie. I’ve never asked for any type of pain medication, only told them that I was in severe pain and I’ve had many people tell me to my face or talk about me when they think I can’t hear them stating that I am a drug seeker. If someone with CRPS is in so much pain that they go to the hospital, it’s serious! To be treated like a junkie is so insulting and just makes things much worse because anxiety exacerbates pain. I’m already on pain medication for my CRPS which no one at any hospital I’ve been to has ever heard of. As far as the dog, there’s nothing that can be done to save him. Early on the veterinary and didn’t seem to believe me when I told them that we were both sick from mold exposure and that I was sure of it. After paying for an x-ray for them to tell me what I already knew they have refused to ever vaccinate him because they said it could possibly kill him. My car is not even running so I don’t even have a way of getting him to the vet when he dies. This has been one of my other huge concerns. My situation is pathetic.

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I wondered if my dog had been affected also. He developed a cough which I now have pretty much under control, and also allergies to foods which we adjusted to also. We’ve been away from mold for almost a year now. I had no idea what I had between Lyme disease,, mold, and I believe a week of co-vid, and was in too much severe untreated pain to find out. I still am. I couldn’t have my cataract surgery this morning for waking up in pain after two hours of sleep, a repetitive thing now. Again through sharing I've learned more info. Thank you all for sharing.