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How do you get a Doctor to prescribe this drug? Will insurance cover it?

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Not in Massachusetts,USA.
I e had to pay out of pocket, compounding pharmacy. At least my Doc, agreed Prescribe it for me.

Hi I've been on LDN for about 4 years. I've gone off and back on a couple times and it kind of you don't even realize it's helping with pain until you off it and say well I guess it was helping. It's very good at resetting your immune system.

Frankly I heard about it through somebody and I found a doctor in town if you would prescribe it and started seeing her. She's a neurologist and I just so happened to have autoimmune pain disorder and epilepsy so it worked with my insurance to pay her. Insurance does not cover LDN and unfortunately if you haven't made in a pharmacy it's not exactly cheap, maybe $40 a month.

But I'm a nurse so here's what my doctor let me do. (Possibility for you Eyja?)
Naltrexone is a 50 mg pill. I crush it and mix it with 50 cc's of distilled water. That makes it 1 mg per cc. (Ok, ml, I'm an old nurse! Lol) That means that I can go from 1 to 1.5, to 2 to 2.5 etc on my own without having to get
a new doctor's Order each time I stopped for a little bit and then need to titrate back up again.

As the 50 mg Naltrexone insurance does pay. She prescribes 30 at a time which gets me through about a year and a half and cost me about $20. The CPAP water I now use costs me more than that! It's so easy to do it's too bad doctors don't let people do that instead of paying compounding pharmacies. There are so many places to get the Naltrexone powder you never sure if the compounding pharmacy is actually doing it right. It needs to be short acting and frankly I don't trust a lot of Indian and China manufacturing companies.

I always do research on generics and find out which one is the best. So ask for the Naltrexone I did find a company in the United States that manufactures it and that's the one I insist on getting all the time.

Same with my Lamictal, there is only one generic that actually is known to stop seizures (Unichem? I think, and the only one Walmart carries)
tho I take it mostly for bipolar and pain.

Sorry off track. I had to talk my doctor into letting me do the mix and it might just be because of me being an RN that she let me, but it's not hard to figure out. I use a 50cc syringe to drop the water and I use a 10cc syringe to to dose it every night. I also keep it in the fridge and mix it with a bit of juice.

LDN has actually been approved by the FDA for CRPS. I'm actually a little bit afraid of them approving it for too much because then I see the price going up and up. Right now naltrexone is dirt cheap. In fact it doesn't even come brand name anymore.

I actually did about a year research before I started on it. It cam help many autoimmune issues. Parkinsons, MS, fibro, and even some cancers. A huge long list.

Hope this helps.

Try showing this to your doc - It helped me convince her...

My insurance is not covering it - since it has to be compounded. Makes no sense to me!