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@swanson2023, there's the rub with peripheral neuropathy. Currently, treatments are limited. It sounds like you’ve taken the appropriate steps to seek care at Mayo Clinic. Our physician experts have likely reviewed your case with their colleagues. Their review led them to determine that Mayo Clinic cannot offer any further treatment for you at this time. It is Mayo Clinic's goal to provide the best care each patient needs, however they do not want to have you incur additional costs for evaluation or travel if Mayo does not feel it can offer care that is different from what you’re already receiving.

In part, that is why we host this online patient community to offer support and so that Mayo Clinic patients and non-Mayo patients can share what works for them, trials and tribulations, and encouragement of acceptance.

You just reminded me of an older discussion in the Neuropathy support group that I found helpful:
– Acceptance: Anyone have difficulty accepting new limitations daily? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/acceptance

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Colleen thank you.
The local providers near me do not collaboratively communicate and therefore should not be compared to those that do – Like at Mayo

When contacting Mayo requesting help – we talked insurance- mine ok. And I shared my need for help – not specifics. Please check out my two requests – name Steve Swanson

Colleen thank you again!!

Searching the web, after I was told I had neuropathy, I found lots of information about the cause of, how to live with, and, yes, how to heal neuropathy.

Includes information on Mayo Clinic’s website. Cause part.

I find myself needing to inform my healthcare providers about what I find on the internet.

In lieu of them telling me about the cause, living with, and healing neuropathy.

I now need to start asking my several sources of healthcare to start communicating with one another – to authentically collaborate. I’m managing and advocating for my healthcare- not a healthcare professional.

A story I hear occurs too often in healthcare today.

Still searching for a professional advocate manager for my healthcare.

If anyone knows of one in the Southwest – or anywhere – please let me know.

Thanks again

Hi Colleen
Please help us connect with Mayo Clinic leaders.

To share and encourage the leadership opportunity, beyond Mayo Clinic, to help improve collaborative communication in healthcare for the patients’ and providers’ sake.

For the future’s sake.

Need revealed in the Mayo Connect neuropathy support group discussions
Thank you