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Hello @1myhope. You will notice I have edited the title of your post slightly. As well, I was able to find several members with Gamma Knife Surgery. However, they have yet to mention GammaTile Therapy specifically. How does GammaTile Radiation differ from what you have been told and what makes it an appealing option?

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Hi. Gamma tiles are new to me so I researched them. I'm very positively impressed. They're an advancement in radiation treatment. I would have this procedure if it was an option for me, if I needed this. It passed my individual opinion test.
When Drs decide options, they weigh many factors. Debulking a tumor or removing it totally is surgical + they evaluate your overall health to endure surgery, etc for it. Surgery is the option that removes the mass effect on your brain. Simple radiation arrests meningioma growth but does not remove the tumor. So the mass remains. There are many factors involved including neurosurgeon skills. Not all neurosurgeons can perform the more complex surgeries. That's why people get opinions from top neurosurgeons + facilities. That rules out the limitations of a neurosurgeon from the option/recommendation equation. I know that anyone using Gamma tiles has current knowledge + skills.
Just my opinion.
Wishing you the best of health+ recovery.