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They also did all kinds of blood work and everything came out normal. The pain is coming from the kidney and from the pancreas. I can only consume small amounts of food or the stomach will swell beyond belief. I neglected to also mention I had kidney surgery on my right kidney in 2008. They are looking to rule out scare tissue. Will be in the hospital on the 31st to have a procedure done on the kidney. Also I was only born with one kidney. This whole situation is scary.

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I do not know if this info might be of some help but I am writing to maybe give you some ideas that you can check on. I am a liver transplant patient. I am post 7 years and lately, I have started experiencing all of the symptoms your having. It feels like I am so bloated that I am going to pop. I have spoken to my transplant team and they are still doing more testing to figure this out. Meanwhile, the one thing that have given me relief is an abdominal binder. It keeps everything in place and might put pressure on the pain. Of course not too tight. They are sold in sports stores, as sport binders or your doc might give you a script to a medical supply store. Also, I have gastroperesis and I take a teaspoon, every morning, of azithromycin and that keeps me regular. Sometimes this gives me relief too. Also, if I may suggest, get you liver enzymes check. Remember the liver doesn’t complain until it’s too late sometimes. I hope you get to feel better as I know how uncomfortable this feels.


I thank you for your suggestions. They are going into the kidney tomorrow. I am hoping for some great news and will ask about the liver enzymes. to see if it could be a possibility.

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