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I also will be interested it what your doctor says.

I know I may be overreacting to steroid use, but after seeing the years of pain my mother suffered from broken bones I am very cautious.

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Jan Marie,
My doctor said that the Symbicort inhaler only stays in the lungs. It’s been very helpful. You might want to consider giving it a try.

I can weigh in a little here - I am at HIGH risk for osteoporosis due to family history and steroid (oral & injected as well as inhaled) use for arthritis and asthma flares. I have followed the best practices for diet, exercise and supplements for over 40 years, and am over 70. My DEXA scans over the past 20 years have stayed almost identical (except hips which are metal now) - no osteoporosis or osteopenia.

I used an inhaler twice daily with an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS), and a nebulized steroid during asthma flares. When assured by my pulmonologist that it was safe, I discussed it with my excellent primary of over 20 years, who assured me that if I followed protocols, the uptake of steroid beyond the lungs is minimal. She also had a very good point.

"If your breathing is impaired to the point where you are not able to exercise, sleep well, and prepare healthy food, not treating with the ICS also increases your risk of osteoporosis. And impairs your overall quality of life."

Pretty convincing to me. We'll see when I have my next DEXA this summer.

I don't think you are overreacting. It is a very serious and cautious decision to use steroids for me too.
I have a friend's friend, who also had lots of broken bones due to steroids usage, but she took Prednisone not an inhaler since that is the only thing that works for her. We truly hope that makes a difference.
Take care!

I've had to use oral steroids and inhaled corticosteroids since my diagnosis in 2014. Had really bad osteoporosis after 1.5 years and have suffered many broken bones because of it. If you can do without them, I would recommend it. Hope this helps some. Take care.