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Did it get in your bones also ?

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Mine was In lymph nodes 3 different places.

I have stage 4 prostate cancer with Mets to the bone in 5 places. On Lupron and Eligard. Was in Xgeva but got necrosis of the jaw on the left bottom side. A 3 inch slit opened up in the soft tissue of my mouth. I could feel bone with my tongue. After going off Xgeva the dead part of the jaw bone broke off and the oral surgeon reached in and the piece popped out through the hole. After two months the slit healed up on its own. Amazing! I just finished 3 infusions of Provenge to boost my t-cells. No side effects except need for afternoon nap. Will be talking with my oncologist tomorrow about the success of the Provenge treatment.
Testosterone almost undetectable and PSA at .8 .