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I am 76 and was advised to take radiation bec of my extreme allergies . I might not be able to take the pill, and if unable to take the pill I could not take radiation due to elapsed time. I am waiting on the onco test results. I was a 5% on the ki test, and hoping the results will be that or lower. I was a Stage 1a, but a grade 2 with 3 markers. 100% ER and 95%PR with HER2 2+equivcol neg. Size 1.3 cm . I was reading some new findings where they are able to break HER2 down further now. I'm so glad you have a good Dr and I pray I have one. I am trying to decide on 5 days or 3 weeks of radiation. My friends are afraid of me burning. I am fighting mast cell and go angioedema and /or anaphylaxis . Some med's make me get thin skin and bleed, and I'm so unsettled right now. I have also started having daily arrhythmia since they placed the titanium in my breast. Your post gave me hope. Take Care and keep us informed.

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Good luck. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply. I wish the best for you. Good luck.

Please explain how the titanium causes daily arrhythmia.

I am puzzled about that and have not heard it anyplace.

Did you have arrhythmias before the titanium inserts but not daily?