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Good afternoon! I'm curious, does your health provider have a portal service where you can log in and view your documents/results? We have that available in our area.

When my husband had his MRI his urologist said all they had to do was remove his kidney and he would be cancer free. Nothing further needed to be done. Very encouraging! I think that's the case when it is contained to only the kidney. Because we had access, through the portal, to view our results we found the mention of tumors in his lungs. If we had not read that our urologist would have had us believe that everything was contained and we wouldn't have had a clue about the cancer having spread to his lungs. I guess mistakes and oversights can happen?? That's why I mentioned in my previous post that being your own advocate, to me, is an important step in our own health care.

Thanks to new advanced treatment (kidney cancer does not respond well to chemo or radiation) he was started on an immunotherapy drug (Keytruda) and a target drug (Lenvima) to treat the spread of kidney cancer to his lungs. He took this until the side effects became too much, about six months in. These drugs seem to be very effective for my husband and they have kept the tumors in his lungs from growing or spreading. This is very encouraging. This is a relatively new treatment for kidney cancer but for us, it seems to do what you would hope a drug would do when fighting cancer. He continues to work and to function as a normal person and with only one kidney. He goes back every 3 months for an MRI. Again, if the cancer has not spread I don't believe any treatment would have been necessary, just remove the kidney and that would be all that was needed.

Again, hoping for the best possible outcome for you! Hang in there and hopefully you will get through these long 2 months and after surgery you will be cancer free!! Please reach out with any questions you might have. You will be in my thoughts.

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I really appreciate all your feedback and support. It really helps to hear from people that have been through the same things. Thank You!