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Olive60oil, Sounds like you are in a very tough spot. Waiting is hard, sometimes it's the hardest part. I am so sorry for what you are going through. If it helps I will give you the history on my husband who has Stage 4 RCC. My husband also experienced pain on his side, which is what led us to detect his renal cell carcinoma. His tumor was almost 10 cm and they removed his entire left kidney. He found out in late August 2021 that he probably had a cancerous tumor on his kidney and after more tests and doctors appointments to confirm this, his surgery was not until the middle of October, so 6 weeks. But our wait was not due to backlogs, it was the process needed to arrive at what treatment/options were needed. How frustrating it must be to wait because that is as soon as they can schedule you.

I do agree with Colleen, kidney cancer is typically a very slow growing cancer, the doctor said my husband probably had this tumor on his kidney for years. But it doesn't matter how slow growing it is, everyone wants to start on the path to being cancer free as soon as they hear the words "you have cancer" so I can only imagine that two months must seem like an eternity, especially as you experience the pain.

I'm assuming they have done all the test needed to determine the cancer hasn't spread but I'm sure in the back of your mind you are wondering if that is happening now! Maybe because it is a slow growing cancer they assume 2 months is acceptable, it may be to them but it is not acceptable if it is happening to YOU! My heart goes out to you! Hopefully they remove the kidney as soon as they can and that is the end of your RCC.

I also agree with Colleen, maybe a second opinion at another cancer center is in order. I'm not sure of your options where you live. It seems in this day and age you need to advocate for yourself!

Hoping for the best outcome possible. Please keep us posted and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. This is a great site with a lot of caring people with a lot of support.

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The urologist said that she did not see cancer anywhere else, but that is not for sure. My MRI showed a cyst on my liver. I forgot to ask her about it on my appointment 2 days ago. I am surprised that she did not bring it up. I do not need to see her until the surgery, so I just have to wait 2 months. Yesterday I was not home and got a message from her scheduling team to make the date for my surgery. I am going to call on Monday to schedule it. Thanks for responding. How is your husband doing?