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Is there still hope?

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@lissy3118, I agree with @dave640. Next steps will be determined once a diagnosis has been established. I hope that you get the results of the biopsy soon and that once your dad is admitted to cancer center, he will be seen by a team of cancer specialists.

I know you are also worried about your mom and how you can support her. While your dad's situation does seem very serious, it does not mean the end. With my mom in dealing with my dad's diagnosis, I found it helpful to buy her a binder. In this binder she kept the names of doctors, dates and procedures and even tracked his symptoms. It gave her something to do and writing things down helped control the thoughts whirling in her head. And frankly it also gave her something to hold onto when going to the hospital. While she treated it like a security blanket at times, it proved to be extremely useful in keeping track of things. Sometimes the nurses would rely on her records to cross reference things.

Do you live close to your parents? Might a binder be helpful for her? Might your father travel to Mayo Clinic in Florida to be seen?

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Very good idea about a binder, journal, diary!!! I wish I would have thought of it 3 years ago when I was experiencing the adventure of esophageal cancer. Now that it looks like I will be going thru almost the exact same adventure 3 years later, I'm going to start a journal!!!
Lissy, I hope your Father goes to Mayo in Florida. They are my #1 care team here in MN.
You & your Mother will no doubt go thru many roller coasters of emotions together. I have faith that you & Mom will know what to do for each other at each given moment. Those strong feelings of empathy & support come naturally out of the love for each other. Supporting each other will transend to the support that your Father will need also. Keep up your strength, pray for strength to endure this hard adventure. And remember it's totally ok to be mad, sad. These emotions are important to let out for the healing process. Write down your words when your angry, dig a hole or start a bonfire and burn the paper. Sounds rather silly I know but believe me……….. it does help.
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