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Should I pursue a TBS score?

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Same here! I am 58 small stature and Workout out everyday. I was absolutely shocked at my score(-3.4). Have Osteo in ALL areas. In fact according to my docot I've already shrunk 1/2 inch! Going to begin Tymlos. Doctor recommended I refrain from crunches, Russian twists, and anything with twisting or bending. Also have a script for physical therapy. Dexa did not have TBS option. Insurance will not cover a second Dexa so I can get the TBS score. Is this something I can pursue with my insurance company? Thoughts? Suggestions? Ty!

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I pay out of pocket for every DXA because the only facilities with TBS capabilities are out of network and not covered.

I think you might be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable cost (compared to mammos and ultrasounds that can run 200-500+). My last DXA with TBS was $125 as a cash/walk-in patient – no insurance.) Ask for the cash rate. You do need the RX though…no facility will do one without it.

I could get free DXAs thru insurance, but I'd rather have one w/TBS scoring for not much more than the cost of a night or two out.

I am sort of in the same boat as you and a prior member. Small stature, but fit–lost 1/2 in last two years, but at 67, I wasn't surprised. The surprise of OP (-4.9 L4 L1-4 -4.4). I've read about nixing the crunches, twists, etc. Alas, they were my faves. My endo appt. is a life-time away (it seems — 5 months–I'm shopping for another), so I got a referral for PT to coach me on exercise that will not threaten to land me HELL. Does anyone if the TBS does more than the pelvis? We have it in my state–whether I can get my GP to refer it–is another thing. I am especially concerned about my distal radii–no one seems to scan more than the upper femur and the Lumbar. When I asked my GP for a more thorough scan, she said, she would expect the rest of my bones to be different. Like which ones? my Lumbar region or my Pelvis?