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I had a resection in 2015 and had about a foot removed. Yes you will have loose stools but I found I can control it with diet restrictions. You have to accept your situation and be disciplined. It also depends on what section is removed as to your dietary restrictions and a lot of that is trial and error. For myself I cannot tolerate sugar as it will run through me. I used to weigh 170 but now am stuck at 133 to 139 and can't gain any more weight but it is livable. I can handle very well protein and so limit myself to chicken and salmon with wheat pasta with a sardine lunch. I can't do milk or most dairy products, You can't do soft drinks or any drink with sugar. For about six years I couldn't do any liquid except small sips especially cold drinks like cold water or it would trigger diarrhea. Now after seven years I can take a cup of coffee in the morning and not have a fast bowel movement and hot tea in the evening. If you are a big coffee drinker, forget it. that is a thing of the past. As to getting my necessary fluid I eat daily and I mean daily a generous salad of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and apple. Lettuce would probably be nice I just don't eat lettuce. If you do any beef get only the leanest, the four percent fat. my breakfast is bread or bagels(generally two or three each morning. I don't eat much after breakfast until dinner to avoid a lot of toilet time. At supper I also have a serving of cauliflower or even better broccoli. Broccoli is your friend, It takes many months for your body and brain to adjust even years. things improve but slowly. You must always be near a toilet facility after eating. I have had a few instances where I have defecated on myself by not heeding that rule. Generally you will need to take a bowel movement, not by choice, an hour or two after any meal. Things do get better as the months roll on but one needs PATIENCE. SUGAR IS ALWAYS YOUR ENEMY. I tried a soft drink for the first time in seven years a few months ago and paid the price with a lot of toilet time. I can give more information but this is generally my experience. One adjusts and adapts. As to the procedure, my choice was either have it or die. I chose living. Good luck. Oh and as to travelling any distance, I make sure my guts are generally emptied. I do not drink or eat anything while on the road after that until I am either back home or at a place with a good toilet facility where I can stay for a few hours to again relieve myself completely.

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Thanks a lot - your response really helped