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If you have an Internist they should be able to do initial work up and treatment- such as cholesterol and diabetes screening and prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs, diet , exercise etc.
That’s what has happened to me. I only started seeing a cardiologist when I thought I had symptoms.

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Thanks, he has had workups from his PCP.

He does not have diabetes, his total cholesterol is under 200 with his lipids a little elevated, blood pressure under control with a low dose of meds, daily baby aspirin, holding off on the statins until he sees a cardiologist due to his Gilbert's Syndrome (elevated liver enzymes) so he wants to discuss risks/benefits, his diet is stellar (I do all of the meal planning) and I have reduced the total fat intake further since getting his CAC results. He is active and the same weight as high school (he is 68). Honestly we were shocked by his CAC results! He had it done only because of his cholesterol being borderline.

It's apparent his PCP didn't feel it was urgent, but to us it sure feels that way. Also where I live there is a shortage of providers so I wondered if others had similar wait times. I do know that his overall health profile is in his favor.