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The frustration, confusion and fear of these "crashes" is horrible!! For me, this is a leaden, overwhelming, incapacitating exhaustion (not fatigue) combined with headache/nausea/light & sound sensitivity, muscle pain (not aches), chills. I will loose an entire day essentially bed/couch-bound. LOTS of water with an electrolyte replacement (Propel or Gatorade), a dark room, and time gets me through. I learned abut pacing from OT. I keep a diary of my physical and cognitive activity each day. I started with limiting myself to only 2 hours of each per day. I can do 4-6 hours total each day now. Laundry, cooking, errands, wash/dry/style my hair count as physical work. Finance, legal papers, planning count towards brain work. I know from my diary that when I exceed these limits, I crash. For any kind of 'event' (social, entertainment, travel) I do nothing but shower, pick out my clothes and rest the day before, and nothing the day after to survive the occasion.
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Hi there, I just have to comment because what you are describing is exactly my situation, in particular the effect of cognitive effort. If I have an event, same-all I do is shower at the most, and not even a hot one because that would take my
energy. I'm sorry you're going through this. I was doing better, and I am an OT : ) and thought I could go back to work part time after 8 weeks rest, but had another crash and back to near square one.