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Breast surgeon questions

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Jun 26, 2023 | Replies (34)

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UPDATE - I had my consultation yesterday and got a lot of questions answered. I feel very good about the plan and am eager to see the results of the genetic testing and MRI (obviously praying for nothing more serious than the calcification that currently appears).
Here’s the treatment plan:
1 - genetic testing (bloodwork sent yesterday)
2 - PreHab (occupational therapy - learn exercises to avoid complications in R arm after surgery) scheduled for Monday
3 - MRI - scheduled after insurance preauthorization is received for MRI and surgery
4 - Surgery (lumpectomy planned unless something more serious is found in MRI)
5 - Radiation (3-5 weeks depending on what’s found in MRI)
6 - Meds - anti- estrogen
Surgeon doesn’t expect much/if anything to change to this plan unless of course the genetic testing and MRI reveal something she can’t see or is t aware of currently.
Fingers crossed - feel free to offer follow up suggestions if you think there are other things I need to know or ask.

Thanks for all the support. 🙏

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Thanks for posting the update. Everything sounds perfect! Soon you’ll be on your way and will have this all behind you. ♥️

Mine about the same
I had an Onocotype test
And 5 radiation
Lumpectomy both breasts nodes negative I’m a 2 B bc if the size of the one tumour
Your calcifications r cancerous ?
I have calcifications but that’s what they just are - no cancer just calcifications