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I'm also on Lanreotide…have had two injections so far. I have 3 TACE treatments with the first one starting next Friday. They are treating my liver in thirds…treatments on 3/31, 5/ and 5/31. 7am arrival, procedure at 1pm, release the next day around 1pm. I have similar Lanreotide symptoms, as well as itching and pain around the injection site that goes away after about a week. The plan is to have the TACE kill as many of those little cancer cells as possible then monitor via petScan and hope the Lanreotide keeps the cancer stable for as long as possible. Going to get a 3rd opinion as my current oncologist/radiation team says surgery to remove will never be an option and that doesn't sit well with me. Best of luck with your journey!

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Hello @hollywood817,

Your thought about getting another opinion for possible surgery is a good idea. Are you able to get an opinion at a Mayo facility? They have three facilities in MN, FL and AZ.

I've read posts by members who were able to get surgery at Mayo when other doctors claimed it couldn't be done. Here is a link to get appointment information, http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

I look forward to hearing how your TACE treatments are working for you. Will you be having a PET scan after the three treatments are completed?