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Mold Toxicity

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This is great, people working together and helping each other with something that seemed taboo at first, until I was diagnosed with CIRS, MCAS, LYME with Positive result for Bartanella and Yeast over growth in my gut along with Two HLA-DR genes and two mutations of the Mthfr, and am a ultra rapid metabolizer, but terrible at detoxing, finding a dr to take me seriously has been hard, plus now am sensitive to dust and dog hair, etc. It's werid because 3 years ago I was climbing Colorados 14ners trying to hike up all 58 but made it to 34 14,000 ft mountains to moving into a home and becoming bed bound within 1 hrs of treatment. To a degree. My drs didnt know what was happening so they but me on add meds and anxiety meds and now I'm dependent on those but helped me be a dad and husband. This also has back fired on me. I found a Dr which helped, but $ was an issue after I spent over $100,000 in remediation and medical bills along with losing my truck to mold and the still to this day an unknown powder/moldy looking substances under my truck that would attack me if I washed it. It felt like getting stung by hundreds of bees. The Dr helped but needed to find a CIRS/LYME DR that lived near me. The one I saw was out of state and had me do test that I couldn't get down unless my primary care Dr thought it to be helpful, or someone to do them, plus the cost was so expensive, and wanted me to get things i couldnt afford. I just moved to Saint Louis and hope to find a Dr here soon that has an office that does everything there. Be careful with western drs as they'll give you drugs you don't need, and think your crazy. I got better but then got worse and while I'm waiting to move in our home here in saint louis my symptoms appeared again much worse.
If I had a chance to do it over again, I'd get a loan and find a team of Dr's to help me beat this since I'm kinda nit able to work, although I do because or kids need me and the $ to help them as well. They have it to, but my wife doesn't. Her OAT and Mycotoxin test were normal. Lucky… this is a big thing and I'm so glad and feel connected now to help. Anyone in Saint Louis that what's to get a cup of clean coffee, let me know. It's a lonely condition. Good luck to everyone and let's hope this gets national attention and western med Dr attention.


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@carlshorts. Mold toxicity certainly sounds like a difficult disease. Have you gone to the NORD (national organization for rare diseases) site for information and help? You can just call them or use the website. I attended a webinar, where NORD was present. They seemed extremely kind and helpful.
Will you try calling and then let me know what you learn?