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Diagnosed with Ameloblastoma

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Thank you for the support and quote! I have been doing lots of research which can be quite daunting at times. I think my main fear is the fact that will I ever be the same again after the surgery both physically and mentally? How long did it take for you to confidently say you have fully recovered?

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Fully recovered I would say about eighteen months. I am quite a bit older than you so my recovery would likely take longer. I had phantom pains (actually occasionally still do) in my jaw and face, still not completely used to the area where there is no nerve feeling (numbness), and if I bite into something hard such as an apple, I may have a sharp pain. The bite pain I would think comes from the stress on the smaller size and flexibility of the new bone, which is not as rigid as the mandible. So I slice an apple with a knife and all is good. I also find it very difficult to play a bugle as my lips do not respond as before due to lack of nerve in the lower left lip. I'm working on it.
No, you probably will never be the same again. I think in many ways you will be stronger and understanding of the frailty of life. I wouldn't wish this operation on anyone. But just know, you will be fine, you will recover, and you will smile once again. Caveat: You might end up with a bit of a pirate smile, which is really cool.

Do you have speech and swallow problem after 2 years? Can you share the problem that you experienced one post operation?