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My husband had multiple TUR procedures over a two year time period and at every recheck there was another spot to either watch or biopsy. While I know of others who have done this for over 10 years as an acceptable method of controlling their bladder cancer, that was not how my husband wanted to live his life....hence the neobladder surgery. Perhaps with a low grade tumor they would not reappear with such frequency? When tumors returned while on BCG maintenance therapy, he was considered a BCG failure so no more. Good luck to you and your husband.

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While your husbands surgery was his choice, I believe it was a wise choice. My husband had a TUR procedure, and one year of BCG treatments. After treatments were complete, he had only 1 maintenance BCG before a very large mass was found into the wall and muscle. At that point, his only option was bladder removal and there's a chance it was a step taken too late. From what I've experienced, those with bladder cancer, especially if an aggressive type, should head right to removal unless the surgery itself is too risky due to other health concerns. Early action would remove the risk of cancer spreading from the bladder, which can happen in a very, very short time. The surgery is a major one, but easier recovery for a healthy person than a person who is ill, and it removes the threat of spreading. We changed doctors since BCG treatments; at some point I intend to discuss this our current urologist. Although I'm not a dr, it was something I pondered earlier and now wish I had questioned. Maybe it's a choice others could benefit from.