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@gynosaur42 Oh, dear. I'm sighing too just considering how good you've felt as you've been healing from surgery a few weeks ago.

I'm going to share what I would do. I would send a note or call your GYNOncologist and write what you wrote here; what you have noticed, where the tenderness is and enlarged glands. Since you were scheduled for a mammogram on 5/4/23 at home, I'm thinking you were probably "due" for a new mammogram. I would ask for a screening mammogram while you are at Mayo during your visit on 4/18 and see what your Mayo team says about that. When I first had a mammogram at Mayo I was asked to arrange to send the mammograms from the past few years from my local hospital. I did that and it was very straightforward. As you know from your experience when you were last at Mayo such appointments can be added, if available, while you are already in Rochester.

I can understand and relate to your new worries. Yes, 5/4/2023 isn't all that far off but why not get Mayo involved in your care ? It might ease your mind. Oh, and when I've had a mammogram at Mayo I've received my results and a note on the portal from the referring provider within 24 hours and sometimes the same day. That has been very reassuring to me.

What are your thoughts about these suggestions? How are you feeling today?

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Hi Helen,

Thank you SO much for your response! I agree that this is a very good plan.

One issue I'm having is that I can't seem to get into the Mayo portal (I keep getting bumped off after it gives me an error message that it is having trouble communicating with the server). I haven't been able to pay my most recent bill, access my tests or send a message to my GYN ONC team. I will call the nurses first thing tomorrow.

I was able to get a LITTLE sleep last night and have kept busy today, trying to imagine that I've caused this flare-up by something I've been doing.

My guess is that someone from either the local or Mayo team will want me to get this checked soon, either with a mammogram or an ultrasound. It does still feel frightening when I think about it (or, heaven forbid, look online), but I am telling myself I can't DO anything about it until I have more information, so shouldn't stress over it if I can just enjoy the moments in my day. It was sunny here today and I was able to walk to a neighbor's with my dog and husband, and I was able to attend a class that included guided meditations and very, very gentle stretches. I feel blessed to have had these opportunities over the weekend.

Again, I am grateful for you support and everyone else's from this group.

Sending hugs to all who are waiting, worrying or facing something painful or frightening,