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Paget's of nipple and other areas of breast

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Paget's of nipple and other areas of breast
New member: Bennet Breast Center in Maine Biopsied nipple- confirmed Paget's. Have two areas (lumps) on same breast(L). Ultrasound biopsy scheduled 3/20/23. Genetics consult via telahealth 3/22/23. Doc says expect surgury, radiation and chemo. Mother at age 50, Aunt (70), cousin (65) terminal BC. I am 65 with little information to go on. This site has been very helpful. Gathering/absorbing information and writing lots of notes. F/U with doc on 4/3/23 to discuss surgery and options. Suggestions, advice, what to ask in the early stages of diagnosis (pre-surgury)?

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Hello @sequoiatree and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I found member @debraw who shares your diagnosis and may be able to come back and tell you more about her experience since her diagnosis so the two of you can compare notes going into your appointment in a couple of weeks.

You mentioned your family history. Did they also have a Paget's diagnosis?

Hello I’m also a new member @debraw. I’m 70 yrs old and in excellent health besides this new haunting diagnosis . Suspected Paget’s 1yr ago with negative mammograms and ultra sounds ( no biopsy then). Confirmed Paget’s disease of the nipple ( Jan 2023) non-invasive with surgery scheduled for April 7 ( nipple and areola removal/ lumpectomy) MRI does not show any mass behind or lymph involvement. Pathology after surgery will determine my decisions forward . Drs say I will need radiation and EI. No breast cancer on my mother’s side of the family however on my fathers side yes ( Aunts, cousins, 2nd cousins)but I was always told that fathers side doesn’t matter. I’ve always had “dense” breast tissue and small benign cysts.
I’m comfortable with having the surgery to remove the cancer but totally freaked out by getting radiation and having to take EIs. I’ve always tried hard to keep toxins and chemicals out of my body ( but I guess it didn’t make any difference I still got breast cancer). I’m strongly considering no radiation and trying the EI. Do I really need radiation or is that over-treatment?? Trying to find the statistics for that decision. At this age I’d be happy with 10 healthy more yrs to live an active lifestyle rather than choose to be sick with radiation and the EIs. Currently I’m in the best health, very active and feeling strong and energetic. Doing my best to stay positive but still in shock and at times feel hopeless that my healthy lifestyle didn’t really matter anyway. Cancer is the luck of the draw.