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Recurrence in Liver after Whipple

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For those of you with liver metastasis, what was your primary NET? How were the liver mets diagnosed (MRI, CT, other?). Did anyone go through a time of "indeterminate liver lesions" to ultimately find out it was metastasis? My primary NETs were/are insulinomas and have been watching multiple "indeterminate liver lesions" for some time now. Have an upcoming Mayo appointment to do some more evaluation. I have had multiple CTs and MRIs – none are definitive of the lesions being mets. CTs indicate more suspicion than MRI which docs feel is a positive. Just curious about other experiences with the diagnostic process. Thanks, in advance, for sharing any thoughts/experiences.

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My wife’s primary tumor was a mass on the pancreas tail. Our initial findings of NET was noticed from a MRI from a different issue. Numerous, too many to count lesions were noticed on liver. Biopsy was done on primary tumor on pancreas. Followed by CT, MRI, PET scan, blood draws. Diagnosed as NET, started Lanreotide and Chemo (Cap/Tem) immediately, and completed 9 cycles. Reduced mass on pancreas and lesions on liver, our cancer team did surgery 3/1, removed tail of pancreas, removed spleen, gall bladder, debulk as many lesions as possible. They believe we have made it a mtn. Issue going forward, we have other options still to use to fight this. Hope this helps someone.

Hi @ahtaylor,

This is a great question! I had my first surgery for NETs in the duodenal bulb in 2003, the last surgery (my third) was in 2016. All surgeries were in the same location. I have had MRIs to follow up on pancreatic cysts and for several years it was noted that there were lesion(s) on the liver. All else seemingly being OK, a biopsy was never done on the liver.

During my MRI last year, the lesions on the liver were no longer visible. Don't know what to make of it, but I think I'll be happy with the results and not be too concerned. (Liver panel blood work shows that all is normal.)

Have you had a liver panel done recently?