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I understand exactly what your talking about I’ve had same feeling thru out my body since last May. It started really intense and then calmed down. I’ve had 3 vaccines and still feel it has something to do with vaccines or getting covid. Right now I have good days/bad days of mostly buzzing in my legs. At night it’s really bad and my legs feel so weak when walking. I have been to a neurologist, heart doctor, primary doctor with extensive blood work, MRI and no one can say what it is except restless leg syndrome. I know its not that because I don’t have the need to move my legs with this issue. So everyday I live with this buzzing, vibrating, and muscle spasms and everyday I hope they will not be there the next day…..take care of yourself and hopefully someday they will discover what has caused these issues.

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Thank you for your thoughtful message I hope so... Because it feels no one understands. Thanks. The buzzing at the back of left knee began in December 2022 and spread around. I feel it from time to time. I do have muscle(?) twitches as well. Have you tried massaging with natural oil to your legs? Of course I am not sure but I use some supplements (see my post under my profile if you like) and apply a mixture of oil on my body which seem to work. I am not sure what exactly but maybe give it a try every night. Maybe it is the light massage itself who knows. I mix a lot of oils but maybe start with virgin oilve oil and pure coconut oil and lavender to see if the vibrations gets weak or occur less...