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Down to either bile reflux or gastroparesis

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This is my first attempt at posting on this site. Not sure how to start a thread, so I will try on here. Please advise in not appropriate to this conversation.
I had gallbladder removed in June 2022. Had some issues initially but otherwise had somewhat normal recovery. Went several months feeling fine, save for irregular bowel movements occasionally. Starting in December having loose stools with bile every few days. Other bowel movements were not consistent. If color matters, varied light brown to medium I would say. Tried to watch diet, but results essentially the same no matter what I eat. Sometimes can go 2-3 days, but often diarrhea is daily and same watery consistency. I also have Health Anxiety and afraid to go to MD as they will likely do all sorts of tests. Think I have PTSD from hospitalization ,was in ICU and on ventilator after ERCP prior to surgery. Have tried all sorts of OTC meds with little success. This diarrhea is getting depressing and rehabilitating. Feeling sub-human right now. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

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Hello, sorry to hear everything you're going through, I had my gallbladder removed many many years ago and I perfectly remember that I and had diarreah, as soon as I ate, I had to run to the bathroom, and my daughter just had it removed as well and same thing, but don't worry, after many years that changed and now I suffer and horrible constipation 😕😕, just try to eat a lot of bread, or cheese, that will give you more consistency when you go to the bathroom (I'm not a doctor lol) just saying what had worked for me in the past, anxiety also gave me a lot of diarreah, I'm on antidepressants now. Best of luck!🙏🏻