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Hi, what does internal vibrations mean?? I see that you too had some tingling, I have a mild strange sensation whenever I touch my lower left lip/chin area. Similar to a tingling or a vibration or very mild electric nerve action, I can't even decribe it correctly lol. I don't know if i mentioned that in Oct 2022 a new dentist did a simple dental procedure and he hit my nerve twice, hurt like hell. The numbness was on my left jaw/gum line for at least a month, I dont know if this new symptom is related to that because it has been at least 4 months from Oct to Feb. I'm so confused. Hopefully the MRI comes back clean.

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Hi, I guess it is difficult to explain this to somwone who has not experienced it. It's a like some parts of your body acts like a vibrating cell phone. It could feel like a buzzing bee i forst thought i had a bug under my tshirt when i felt vibration on my left shoulder, and it was gone yet i have had pins and needles or still pain atbmy left shoulder. Or vibrations could be wide spread like abdominal vibrations, feels like all nerves(?)/veins(?)/cells(?) or a branching net inside your body intensely vibrate feeling like you are given electricity. For some it becomes 7/24, like me. It can get intense or get lighter more obvious when you lie down if it gets calm during the day. It feels it has to do something with the flow of blood, I mean flawed blood circulation, or infected veins, or a reaction to foreign bodies like infection or toxins. Over sensitisation is a syndrom not the root cause, I guess.

I also hqd left side teeth problem which I hope to write later. But in general I have had many symptoms...