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Adults living with scoliosis, thoracic stenosis

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I was diagnosed with scoliosis around 4 months ago. I have a 40 degree “s” curve. I was sent to a specialist about it and basically all he said was that I had to wait and come back in 6 months. That was 3 months ago and I’ve been experiencing back pain daily and didn’t know if that was because or just regular scoliosis pains or the curvature getting worse. Any advice?

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I was diagnosed 14 months ago at the age of 62. The exam came about because my pain level was more than I could bare every day. One x-ray of the chest found the scoliosis and the doctor simply skimmed over it and said here is an n-said pain reliever and I will see you in 3 months and walked out of the room. I went to another doctor, after a neck and lumbar x-ray I was sent to physical therapy, too late, can’t touch me the neck pain is to severe. I went back to my family doctor who has known me for 20 years and my track record of no complaints and no medications who pretty much said I will give you the pain meds you require but you will have to be very careful. That is where I am today, trying to learn what I can about this ugly monster that has affected everyday of my life and I had no idea that not everybody lives with the pain I have had, I thought I was supposed to deal with the headaches and leg and back pain that barely allows me to walk from one room to another after getting out of bed in the morning. I help myself by limiting certain activities that I now know I should not do and would not have done in my lifetime if I had known what I know now, but that is to late so I want you to know that the doctor has no clue what your pain is, she has more concern with the fact that you may ask for a pain killer that will work like vicodin. The n-said is a joke. I refuse to put that in my body. If you have high blood pressure which I never had until I was 61 (caused by the enlarged heart) you should not take these but my first doctor handed me two prescriptions before leaving the room. Lisinopril for high blood pressure and an n-said for the pain. Go figure. So do your research on the pain and I would say from experience that if you are continuing to live life the same as before your diagnosis yes it is getting worse because you need to know what your physical limitations are now and they are not what they were before. Sit down more you are entitled. Good luck!!

Hi there …. My daughter, who is now 45, was diagnosed with an S curve scoliosis when she was 9. Our Orthopedist at the time had a Physical Therapist working for him, from Germany, who was absolutely wonderful. We went in every month and she would give my daughter another exercise to do 2x a day … within a few years she had a series of 12 different exercises to do twice a day. They were to strengthen her abdominal muscles and core muscles to hold the S from getting any worse, thus making her have to have the Herrington Rods. Well, God bless my daughter and that P.T. because while Jen still has the S scoliosis, it never got any worse … she’s gone on to have 2 children, and from the front, you’d never know she had this deformity.
Perhaps strengthening your core, very faithfully (I sat with her every time), would prevent it from getting worse. Good luck.