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I had two right breast tumors; 99% ER +, 98%PR+, HER2-, stage 2 IDC. Had unilateral mastectomy , no chemo recommended as a very favorable ONCOTYPE, and opted out of radiation ( which seemed scary to me) . Also breast surgeons did not see big value in my case. Doing annual MRI and Mammo at 6 months intervals. Both negative one year out from first (mastectomy ) surgery.

On AI for 11 months, mild joint discomfort worked out with walking, stretching, yoga and resistance ( for bones). Very effective and helpful… don’t even need Tylenol… but I worried about the unseen(felt) side effects.

Mitigation is my game!

BONE HEALTH: D3, K2, multi, curcumin 95, C, and absorbable food based calcium ( for bones) niacin ( for cholesterol). Try to hit 1000 grams of calcium from food plus from 200 multi-Vit. Biotin for some hair thinning.

Did DEXA last week and essentially no change from baseline 3 years ago and pre AI last April. One hip improved .1, one hip decreased .1, L4 lost .1 ( all statistically insignificant). I do consult with endocrinologist as part of mitigation team.

HEART HEALTH :Cholesterol slightly elevated but so was HDL so good ratio remained the same .
Red meat 1-2x month ( maybe), and almost ZERO processed food. Sodium is a bone killer.

Had a calcium score done to make sure plaque not building up. Result :ZERO! Shocked and relieved. ( I thank K2 for this )

Bottom Line: NOT everyone has a significantly difficult reaction ( response) to AI. If it may be beneficial why not try… it is a daily oral pill which has a 50 hour half life that can be stopped at any moment.

I feel safer on this med; I envision it as a daily protection against breast cancer.

I realize that my experience with side effects are mild and tolerable and that’s not the case for some, but it may be worth trying.

Blessings on the path. 🌸

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Sounds like you are following through and staying ahead of most concerns. Blessings for your future health walk!

Can you explain about the calcium score? Is this because your cholesterol went up. Mine has gone up but I wonder if it is because I haven't watched my diet over the last couple of months.

Hi anjalima:

You are doing so well. May I ask your age and whether you had any cardiac problems to start with? Both may have effects on others in ability to do all the exercise you are able to do.