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@ascc17, such a helpful post. I love the tip of talking even when you're alone to keep working the vocal cords. Did you ever try reciting poetry, reading aloud or singing? What did it feel like to finally recognize your voice again after so long?

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Thanks for the question…. No, nether of the 3 ,,, but I do walk around the house talking to myself, weird I know!… I also practice talking in my mind, trying to remind myself how I sounded, visualizing it does help believe it or not… voice is still not the same though, pronunciation is mostly the problem… unbelievable what having missing teeth and a platinum plate does to the voice and mouth, it changes the way one moves the lips etc., .. and No, there are times I do not recognize my own voice, and you have to speak slower in order to pronounce the words correctly, which is really weird to say the least, so this in turn makes me self conscious wondering what others hear… but you have to fight through the frustration and just move forward… Life has given you a new perspective and opportunity so use it to its full potential…. But never feel discouraged, recite poetry, read at loud or sing if that’s what makes you happy… Life’s too short to worry about the things that can not be controlled….